iPad Only?

18 min. read (or watch the video) It has been two years now since I ditched my laptop and desktop computers for this iPad Pro. So today, I will give you a summary of my experience — what I love, what I hate, and what my final verdict is. I know a lot of people… Continue reading iPad Only?

Audacious with Susan Sontag

4 min. read (or watch the video) “Hey Folks, this is Alex Oehler in Regina, Saskatchewan.” I say it like this, because that’s how Alec Soth, a photographer and photo book lover in St. Paul, Minnesota, introduces his YouTube videos. I was inspired by him this week. He was reviewing “Backyard Photographs in Times of… Continue reading Audacious with Susan Sontag

Air with Pär Lagerkvist

2 min. read (or watch the video) In 2013, a colleague and I were invited to join a PhD workshop on Forest History in northern Sweden. We had a fabulous time, learning from our forest ecologist and archaeologist colleagues over the course of ten days, often in remote woodlands of subarctic Sweden. I am not… Continue reading Air with Pär Lagerkvist

Projection with John Lilly

2 min. read (or watch the video) I love old books. Here’s a curious one from 1967: “The mind of the dolphin” by John Lilly. Lilly was a leading American neurophysiologist who believed a central cause of mental illness was failed communication. In the late 1950s Lilly opened the Communication Research Institute on the island… Continue reading Projection with John Lilly

Interiority with Merleau-Ponty

2.5 min. read (or watch the video) One of the most influential thinkers for me has been the French philosopher Maurice Merleau-Ponty (1908-1961). Known as a major contributor to the field of phenomenology, he offered insights that many of us now build on in our research of animal-human hybrid communities. In 1948 Merlau-Ponty gave a… Continue reading Interiority with Merleau-Ponty