Surface with Mike Anusas

4 min. read (or watch the video) He brings up American musician Money Mark’s “Insects Are All Around Us.” Copyright prohibits me from cutting to the original here, but you can find it on YouTube. It opens with these words: “Insects are all around us. They produce many sounds at many frequencies and volume levels.… Continue reading Surface with Mike Anusas

Plasticity of Minimalism

6 min. read (or watch the video) What is minimalism? I think it is many things to many people. To me it is a matter of expanding personal plasticity or flexibility. Here’s what I mean: For every functional item you ditch, you have to compensate by learning a new skill. If I ditch my GPS,… Continue reading Plasticity of Minimalism

Salmon with Marianne Lien

4.5 min. read (or watch the video) It is spring time in Norway right now. On the fjords of the west coast, the temperatures have been around plus 6 to 10 Celsius. It is a beautiful time of year. Many of the fjords are home to aquafarms, which provide a living for local residents, and… Continue reading Salmon with Marianne Lien

Getting Lucky With Donatas Brandišauskas

3.3 min. read (or watch the video) Today I bring to you my dear colleague Donatas Brandišauskas, associate professor of Anthropology at Vilnius University in Lithuania. In 2017 Donatas came out with his flagship ethnography, “Leaving Footprints in the Taiga.” It’s a great book about his ethnographic research with Siberian Orochen reindeer herders and hunters… Continue reading Getting Lucky With Donatas Brandišauskas